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Giuliani Grade 1 Carbon Fiber Bow (Black) - violin

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Other Details

Bow Design:
Round Stick
Bow Construction:
SOLID Carbon Fiber
Bow Material:
Frog Insert:
Real Abalone
Bow Grip:
Faux Lizard Skin
Performance Characteristics:
Makes staccato stroke easier
Very responsive and easy to play
Well balanced
Produces big sound

Product Description

Giuliani Grade 1 Carbon Fiber Bow (Black)



The Guiliani Carbon Fiber bows are much higher quality than you'd generally see in this price range.  The bows
utilize a symentrical round design that is strong and is balanced very well with a genuine Ebony Frog.  The frog has a real
Abalone insert that adds a very nice touch of beauty and quality to the bow.  Unlike some "carbon fiber" bows that are hollow in the
center, the
Guiliani bows are constructed of solid carbon fiber throughout and have a fully mounted frog with a faux lizard grip.

The performance characteristics that you'll notice immediately with these bows are:

--It's easy to get a big sound out of your instrument

--The bows are VERY responsive.

--Bows bounce with ease and produce a very even staccato stroke.





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Product Reviews

  1. Excellent bow for someone looking to move to the next level in their playing. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Aug 2012

    I recently received this bow from Kennedy Violins, just two weeks after I'd already purchased another carbon fiber bow. I had never used one before then, and was very, very surprised at how much easier it was to play. I had struggled with bow control for the past few years, always working hard at better control and form, and as soon as I got my first carbon fiber bow, nearly all those problems disappeared.

    So it was with great anticipation that I awaited my second carbon fiber bow in two weeks, primarily because I wanted to compare them. The Guiliani Grad 1 bow is an excellent bow, and it convinced me that my improved technique wasn't a fluke. This bow is very well balanced, and provides the user with precise control. I discovered that the Guiliani bow provided a tone more consistent with a wooden bow, than did the other carbon bow I own (which is the lighter of the two). I have heard from some advanced and professional players that very high-end wood bows provide better tone than carbon fiber, but with the style of playing I do, I would rather have excellent handling characteristics first, as the actual tone changes are so subtle anyway that I doubt I would notice them if I hadn't been really listening for them.

    If you've always played with inexpensive wooden bows, or if you've struggled with control and tone issues on inexpensive wooden bows, then I can't recommend this bow highly enough. I noticed changes in my playing immediately. Better control instantly translates into stronger and more consistent tone, and this bow provides them both. If you're a serious player who's always played with a wooden bow, and if you feel like you're in a bit of a rut in terms of tone and bow control, then you owe it to yourself to try carbon fiber. It will amaze you!