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Best Violin Guarantee

Take Our 45-day Challenge!

We offer the best violins at their respective price point on the market today. Want to find out yourself? Go ahead! Choose any violin we offer to try for 45 days with no obligation. If you and your teacher don’t believe it is the highest quality violin available anywhere at its price point, we will give you 100% of your money back(return shipping is available at a reduced rate)!

Kennedy Violins guarantees the best stringed instrument you can possibly find at such amazing prices. We are so confident in the superb quality of our instruments that we even warranty them for life!

FREE Instrument Setup & String Installation

Free expert setup by our staff of professional luthiers is included with your purchase. At Kennedy Violins, the luthier staff ensures that each violin is individually setup, tuned, and inspected to our highest standards. Your violin will be ready to play when you receive it—not sent to you unstrung or in pieces as sold by most online retailers. Setup includes:

  • smoothing/planing the fingerboard
  • arching the bridge
  • fitting bridge feet
  • carving the nut to professional curvature
  • fitting pegs
  • polishing the finish
  • string installation
  • play tested by a professional string player

Now is the time to experience the quality and superb sound of Kennedy Violins' one-of-a-kind instruments in your own home. Play on!