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Cello Accessories

  • Andrea Solo Cello Rosin
    Andrea Solo Cello Rosin is manufactured with a sophisticated formula, and only 3 to 5 full bow length swipes will be enough to draw optimum performance. Maestro Andrea Bang's string sound science helped to craft his... $30.99

  • Kennedy Hybrid Cello Case
    This amazing Hybrid Cell Case has a molded exterior with a soft interior to protect your cello. $699.99 $349.01

  • Tourte Single-Hole Cello Mute
    Molded from dense, flexible rubber Wedges securely and conforms to the top curvature of the bridge Installs in seconds and easily removed Single-hole attachment The tapered center opening allows it to be wedged on the... $2.99

  • Foam Cello Case
    The Foam Cello Case offers excellent and sturdy protection with the lightweight advantage for comfortable carrying and handling. Super-protective, high-density foam and a water-resistant woven nylon exterior...