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  • Ricard Bunnel Viola Outfit
    The Ricard Bunnel Viola Outfit is our standard beginner or student viola for players of all ages. With sizes including 14", 15", 15.5", 16", and 16.5", we have a viola to fit your needs with size exchanges and rental options... $799.99 $457.17

  • Antonio Giuliani Etude Viola Outfit
    A step up from the Bunnel collection, the Antonio Giuliani Etude Viola Outfit is a customer favorite and excellent choice for advancing students and intermediate players. If you are looking for a high-quality... $913.49 $645.49

  • Louis Carpini Viola Outfit
    The Louis Carpini Viola is an upgrade from the Bunnel series with an unique oil finish and gorgeous tone, available in 15", 15-1/2", 16", and 16-1/2" sizes. Perfect for advancing students to intermediate players, this... $1,189.98 $786.76

  • Franke Henner Viola Outfit
    The beautiful Franke Henner Viola Outfit for intermediate to advanced players is one of our most desirable models. Its superior finish and gorgeous sound give this instrument great appeal at an unbeatable price, especially... $1,222.14 $898.31

  • Anton Gerard Viola Outfit
    As one of our finest instruments, the Anton Gerard Viola is an excellent choice for intermediate and advanced players taking their performance to a higher level. This responsive and precisely set up instrument makes the... $1,579.76 $1,177.02

  • Franklin Zgonc Viola Outfit
    The Franklin Zgonc Viola is a choice upgrade from the Gerard and an excellent for intermediate and advanced adult or student players taking their performance to a higher level. This responsive and precisely set up... $1,705.44 $1,459.50

  • Nicholas Gand Viola Outfit
    The Nicholas Gand Viola Outfit is perfect for advanced viola students aspiring towards a future in music and those who need an instrument that will carry them through high school or college. Built with the... $1,867.97 $1,609.78

  • Thomas Kennedy Viola
    The Thomas Kennedy Viola is an exclusive, hand-made model by Thomas Kennedy, father of Kennedy Violins' President and Founder, Joel Kennedy. Thomas Kennedy's fine work and craftsmanship as an experienced, intuitive, and... $6,693.92