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Rental Plan Features

  • No contracts! Simply pay a flat monthly fee.violins-pupil.jpg
  • 100% of rental charges for the first year apply towards any instrument purchase.
  • All violins have a lifetime warranty against original defect.
  • Exchange instrument rentals at any time.
  • Return instrument rentals at any time.
  • Enjoy the most affordable rental plan out there.
  • Experience legendary, expert customer service.
  • Our perfect score with the Better Business Bureau speaks for itself!

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No-Contract Rental Plan
There is no minimum or maximum length of time required to rent your instrument. Simply pay a monthly rental fee, which is automatically deducted from the credit or debit card of your choice every 30 days. The only additional cost includes the initial $19.00 shipping fee(Setup Fee) to deliver the instrument to you via UPS ground, which is tracked and insured. Please note that cellos cost $56.45 to ship.
Apply Rental Charges Toward Purchases
100% of the first years rental fees can be applied at any time towards the optional purchase of any instrument of equal or greater value. Even if you upgrade or change sizes of the violin while you rent, you can keep rolling your credit over into every violin you rent. Credit you have accumulated is never taken away.
Lifetime Warranty on All Instruments
Even our most affordable violins are of the highest quality and are backed with a lifetime warranty against any type of original defect. For more information, please refer to our warranty page. Please be aware that items subject to wear (such as strings, rosin, or bow re-hairs) are the renter's responsibility, as is damage.
Exchange Instrument Rentals Anytime
If you need a bigger size, simply return your violin to us and request the size you need, which we will immediately ship directly to you. All you pay is the flat rate shipping charge of $19.00.
Return Instrument Rentals Anytime
Has your child lost interest in playing a stringed instrument? Are you moving out of the country? No matter the reason, you can return your instrument rental at any time before your next scheduled rental payment and receive no additional charge. Additional fees only apply to damaged or lost instruments.  
Charges Associated with Damage and Loss
As we realize used instruments are subject to normal wear and tear, fees typically apply to obvious damage such as cracks, very visible scratches, and the like. Rentals returned without any obvious or abnormal wear and tear receive no additional charge. However, additional fees apply to damaged instruments in need of our time and cost of repair. If damage is beyond repair, the retail cost of the instrument must be paid minus 55% of any rental credits accumulated. Note that damage beyond repair is a rare occurrence, usually involving a crack in the top or bottom plates of the instrument. We offer a rental insurance program for 24% of the monthly rental fee.

Before returning your instrument, please clean it to look as new as possible. Tapes on fingerboards or bows should be removed. Built-up rosin dust on the violin should be wiped off. For specific damage fees, please see below:
  • Extremely dirty bow hair - $5.00 to clean
  • Built-up rosin on fingerboard near bridge - $5.00 to clean
  • Tape on fingerboard or bow - $7.00 to remove and clean
  • Broken generic strings - $2.00 per string
  • Broken brand-name strings - Total retail cost of individual string(s)
  • Ripped canvas on instrument case - $16.00 to repair
  • Scratch on violin finish (raw wood not showing) - $12.00 to remove or repair
  • Scratch on violin with raw wood showing - $25.00 to remove or repair
  • Broken bow - $49.00 to replace
  • Damage beyond repair (such as cracked top/bottom plate) - Full purchase price minus 55% of total accumulated rental credits
  • Lost instrument - Full purchase price minus 55% of total accumulated rental credits.