Antonio Giuliani Violins

Antonio Giuliani Violins



Antonio Giuliani Violins are truly beautiful works of art. They are invigorating to play because of their wonderful sound and playability. Players describe their sound as sweet, strong, projective, and dark. See more violin selections here.

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  • Antonio Giuliani Etude Cello Outfit
    A step up from the Bunnel, the Antonio Giuliani Etude Cello Outfit is an excellent choice for advancing students, intermediate players, and anyone looking for a high-quality fractional-size cello with an exceptionally... $2,293.00 $1,494.53

  • Antonio Giuliani Clearance Violin Outfit 4/4 Size
    The following instrument is listed on clearance due to a varnish color that is slightly variable from Kennedy Violins’ standard for this violin. When you buy a clearance instrument from Kennedy Violins, you get the... $1,010.60 $683.82

  • Antonio Giuliani Violin Outfit
    The Antonio Giuliani Violin is a truly beautiful and unique instrument, made from select maple and spruce tone woods grown in cold climates, high elevations.  Each Giuliani violin has its own stunningly tiger-striped... $1,010.60 $761.92