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  • Classical Guitar Foot Rest
    The Kennedy Violins Foot Rest This foot rest is an excellent item for student to experienced classical guitarists. When playing seated, this foot rest allows you to prop your foot on the stool to raise your guitar up on... $12.99 $11.99

  • Giuliani Classical Guitar Soft Case
    The Giuliani Classical Guitar Soft Case is the highest quality guitar bag on the market! With 3" thick protective foam, ample storage pockets, and a high quality carrying handle, the Giuliani Classical Guitar Soft Case is... $129.79

  • Giuliani Guitar Capo
      The Giuliani Guitar Capo is the ideal capo of any guitar player. It provides proper intonation and buzz-free fretting.   The simple squeeze release design makes changing position fast and easy, while padded... $9.99

  • Kennedy Violins LT-36 Clip-On Tuner
    The Kennedy Violins LT-36 Clip-On Tuner is a simple, effective, and indispensible tool for the pitch-conscious musician. This compact, lightweight tuner clips onto the tuning peg of your violin/viola or bridge... $15.99