Anton Gerard Violin Outfit
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Anton Gerard Violin Outfit

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Anton Gerard Violin Outfit (12:37) one-piece back Anton Gerard Violin is one of the most visually stunning from our line of fine instruments for intermediate and advanced violinists. Anton Gerard Violins offer a gorgeous, dark tone with amazing projection. Hear the rich and full sound of this instrument in our live performance video.

Other Details

D’Addario Prelude
Giuliani Advanced
Kennedy Classic
Custom-Fit French Aubert
Premium Maple & Spruce
100% Ebony Chinrest with Brass Brackets & Parisian Eye
Dark Brown Oil & Spirit Varnish
Rich, Dark & Projective
Available Size:
4/4 (Full)
Recommended Upgrade:
Pirazzi Strings, Advanced Case
Shipping & Handling:

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Product Description

Our award-winning Anton Gerard Violin is one of the most visually stunning from our line of fine instruments for intermediate and advanced violinists. Anton Gerard Violins offer a gorgeous, dark tone with amazing projection. Hear this violin live in the performance videos above.

The Kennedy Violins Difference

What makes Kennedy Violins string instruments the best on the market? First, we purchase each violin directly from the maker — a rare and highly effective business practice that lowers our cost and allows us to pass the savings to you. Next, all final assembly and FREE setup is performed locally in our Washington State shop by our professionally trained luthier staff. NO assembly or setup is required with a violin that is ready to play from the moment you open the case. With both the highest-rated violins and customer service in the U.S., we are the only company confident enough to back up our instruments with our lifetime warranty and 45-day money-back guarantee. Experience the Kennedy Violins difference today!

A Beautiful Violin

One of the Gerard's most valuable and stunning features is its dramatically tiger-flamed back. You will not find any other violin so beautifully made with such a high-quality, unique cut of fine maple at this price point. The violin is a rich brown tone with reflective gold undertones accentuated by a hand-rubbed oil and spirit varnish with fading shadows. The rich finish highlights accents in the wood grain and the curves of the instrument. The natural — not lacquer — finish is not only the mark of a masterfully made instrument, but remains true to historical, tried-and-true standards of hand-crafted violin making. 

Finishing touches include gold-toned decorative eyes on the fittings (including the tailpiece, pegs, and end button) that give the violin both elegant character and visual appeal. The use of mother-of-pearl inlay adds value to the instrument as it involves a traditional technique of inserting both metal and iridescent shell into the wood and smoothing the surface of the piece. 

Detailed Setup & Bridge Work

Setup of the Anton Gerard Violin is done with utmost precision for comfortable playability and responsiveness. The Gerard is fit with our highest-grade French Aubert bridge made with fine European maple. The bridge is hand-carved with precision to fit flush with the face of the instrument and with accurate top curvature, creating correct string height above the fingerboard. The quality of wood, shape, and fit of the bridge allows performers to easily manipulate even the smallest tone color.

Professional fittings include

  • Professional-grade composite tailpiece with four built-in fine tuners or four independent style fine tuners on an ebony tailpiece with inlaid Parisian eye accent
  • Steel-core D'Addario Prelude Strings producing a warm, rich tone
  • 100% high-grade ebony pegs, fingerboard, chinrest, and tailpiece
  • Gold-toned brass chinrest brackets

Outfit Features

The complete violin outfit includes the following:

  • Shipping within two business days. In-shop luthiers allow same-day shipping on some orders
  • Availability in 4/4 (full-size)
  • Our Giuliani Advanced Violin Bow featuring
    • fully-mounted Indian ebony frog with leather grip and flamed abalone slide
    • octaganal Brazillian Pernambuco stick wound with solid silver
    • premium Mongolian horse hair
  • Your choice of professional, full-suspension Portland Classic Violin Case or optional case upgrade including
    • padded straps
    • storage compartments for shoulder rests and rosin
    • multiple bow-holders
    • hygrometer
  • Gold-toned decorative mother-of-pearl Parisan eye on the genuine ebony tailpiece
  • Professional Pirastro Rosin
  • A full backup set of wound-steel strings
  • Inlaid ebony purfling
  • Kennedy Violins’ 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Coverage by our Lifetime Warranty
  • Excellent customer service by string players on staff. Read our satisfied customer comments!
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Product Reviews

  1. Fantastic 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jan 2018

    I had previously purchased a Gand from Kennedy Violins and had Obligato strings put on it. All I can say about that violin is the sound is amazing and sets a pretty high bar for anything else that comes into the house.

    With that said I wanted a second violin. My goal was to have a great sounding Gand and an even better sounding second. After looking through what sould be upgrades and reading the reviews I purchsed another violin. Upon it's arrival I was disappointed it couldn't come close to the sund my Gand was producing. So I made a call to Kennedy and talked with Amy about the situation. She had the Head Luthier set up a few violins to try and identify the problem. I talked with her after they had the opportunity to play through what was set up. She told me that the way I had my Gand set up was about perfect for the sound it was producing and the second violin I had purchased was not abled to produce the warm darkness of the Gand. She suggested I might want to look at the Anton Gerard. She sent me some pitures and sound files of a Gand thhat they had set up like mine and a Gerard. She said the difference in the sound between the two was in the upper registers where the Gerard was a little smoother than the Gand.

    With the information provided I packed up the violin I had and shipped it back. For my second Ioredered the Anton Gerard. I had Obligato strings put on it. I opted to get a Guiliani Professional bow instead of the Guiliani advanced or a CodaBow. The outfit arrived yesterday. It has been unseasonably cold here, so I unpacked the violin when it arrived, opened the case and let it sit overnight to allow it time to warm and acclimate. Thsi morning was it's test. I am very pleased with the instrument. The sound is there Nice rich and warm. It will only improve with time as it is played.

    I would like to pass on a couple of suggestions for people to consider before placing thie order.

    First call Kennedy and talk to a member of their staff. Explain what you are looking for and wanting in an instrument. Let them help you get the instrument that will bring you the most pleasure and joy.

    Second keep in mind that these instruments are hand not machined made. From time to time there might be a very minute defect. My Gerard has one on the top by the tail piece that you would have to have someone point out to even know it is there. Had Amy not taken a picture of it and blown it way up I would have never known it was there, and frankly don't care that it is. Mistakes happen all the time. I do not consider what she pointed out as anytthing of concern. The violin is beautiful and sound equally as good as it looks.

    Kennedy is trying to put very nice instruments into the hands of those wanting something more than a VSO without breaking the bank. I appreciate that. Their staff is to be commended for their customer service and willingness to go the extra mile to insure the customer's satisfaction.

  2. Great Violin for Adult Learner 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jun 2017

    Researched and researched, and looked and looked at violins online, in shops, everywhere I could find violins. Went on the Kennedy website and asked the very helpful staff which violin would work for someone who wants to learn, but doesn't want cheap sound. They recommended this violin and went so far as to create a few custom videos for me to hear how it plays. Did a string upgrade for me and sent the violin to Singapore where I live. Have been playing for a few months or so now and absolutely love the sound. My teacher, a symphony player said it sounds good, saying, "It's a very healthy violin." So, I plan to play for many years on it and will hopefully improve to the point where I too can play a few complex pieces. It's worth investing in a better violin to start. Some of the cheaper instruments I tried sounded awful and would turn anyone off playing the violin.

  3. Very pretty with good sound. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Mar 2017

    I am about a year level 3 having played about 5 in school and very little after and only in the past month have I been practicing again every day on a very crummy VSO I was given as a gift, that has rarley seen the light of day, in hopes I could do my new Gerard justice when i received it. I am very pleased with my Anton Gerard. I made sure to ask for one with a one piece back, (they do have some with 2 piece backs) as well as an ebony tailpiece and I upgraded to Dominate strings. The Gerard I received has very nice flaming all over, even the neck. It has a very nice resonance and sustain with good playability. The craftsmanship is very nice and so is the finish. The case is also nice, although a few threads hanging here and there but easily cleaned up. My only complaint would be the bows where not rosined as advertised ( I purchased a Ricard Bunnel G1 for my daughter, very nice violin too) and the bow had fallen out of its holder when I had first opened the case, but no big deal. All in all I am very happy with my purchase and the staff was very helpful and quick to respond to email. I spent about a month researching which intermediate violin to buy that was within in my budget and I am very happy I found Kennedy because I would have probably ended up with a violin not nearly as nice if I hadn't.

  4. Great price and sound 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Feb 2016

    Hi .. My name is Faisal Al Saari. I am Oud Soloist and composer, now I am studding Violin
    I ordered form website Anton Gerard Violin Outfit.
    However, I received it two Pieces back. Also the violin without 4 String Adjuster Fine Tuner 4/4 .. and that was disappointed for me.
    Any way the violin overall has a great sound and quality and this is the most important thing for me.
    I bought this because I wanted a violin that was good enough that if I found I enjoyed playing it I wouldn't have to immediately upgrade. This is definitely the right violin.
    Just would like to say thanks Kennedy Violins for providing exceptional customer service.

    Best Regards
    Faisal Al saari

  5. Exceptional company and customer service that provides amazing instruments 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Feb 2016

    Kennedy Violins is a truly exceptional company! I've never seen such great customer service. Ivy, in particular, was very helpful and patient with me. Thank you for all of your help, and making purchasing a violin a painless experience. I don't recommend any other company!

    My violin is the Anton Gerard, and I absolutely love it. It arrived fully set up, of course, and extremely gorgeous. So gorgeous that I am in awe every time I look at it.

    I'm 30 years old, and never had the opportunity to play any musical instrument growing up (or do much of anything for that matter). I've always wanted to play the violin, and am now in a position to do so. I've been teaching myself for about a month now, practicing and annoying people every day ;)

    I wanted a violin that will last me for quite some time, if not forever (big purchase!), and I believe I have that in the Gerard. It's my hope that I can become half the violinist that this instrument seems to be capable of. It certainly won't go to waste!

    Once again, thank you Kennedy Violins!

  6. Resonant, balanced sound with great projection 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Mar 2014

    I looked at several violins from Kennedy and stores in my neighborhood when it came time to invest in a full-size instrument for my 8th grade son, who is an advancing student. We also had his violin teacher try out various violins with him. Whereas several of the other new or used violins we played had either a tinny or buzzy string or two, or didn't project equally from all four strings, the Gerard stood out with its resonant, balanced projection. It just has great sound! My son is thrilled with his new Gerard violin. It's an instrument that will grow with him. I'm glad we made the investment in the Gerard quality.

  7. Great price and sound 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jan 2014

    I'm an adult student who's been taking lessons for about 2 months. I bought the Anton Gerard a month ago and have been using it about an hour a day since. My Gerard is dated April 4, 2013, and has Dominant strings.

    I've been playing the Gerard side by side with a rental instrument in the last month and can hear an obvious difference between the two.

    My rental has a thin, trebly sound to it. In contrast the Gerard produces very notable dark and earthy tones. I would say that the G and D are almost too dark but notes come off clear so I'm mostly excited for the day I am capable enough to really take advantage of that. Also, the A and E strings sound well balanced with the G and D and aren't like the nasaly rental at all.

    After a close examination my instructor liked the sound and thought this was a good buy, especially with the included case which is surprisingly nice. His three concerns after giving the instrument a once over were 1.) the bridge seemed thick to him 2.) the notches in the bridge for the string seats were quite deep creating a less than ideal effective curvature of the strings over the fingerboard 3.) the strings weren't properly strung onto the pegs so as the second winding would overlap the first. Pretty minor concerns really.

    All in all, this instrument is way better than I had hoped to get for a under a thousand bucks and I'm incredibly happy I didn't waste 3 grand on something else.

    I will recommend Kennedy violins to people I meet in the future.

  8. Professional Workmanship & Powerful Sound 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Mar 2013

    If you are considering a new violin for an aspiring student to professional, I can tell you that the Anton Gerard is a superior investment. We had a group of students & professionals play on the instrument just after it arrived and what a treat! The sound is large and balanced.

  9. Beautiful and deep, good step up for an adult student 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Mar 2013

    I debated for a while which violin to get. There aren't any good shops near me and I was warned by my private tutor not to order online or buy a new violin. It's been a couple of months now and I've also got a much more expensive used violin to compare it to.

    First impressions were a bit mixed. It is strikingly beautiful to look at although there was some sloppiness in the finish that is pretty obvious from some distance away. At some point I am going to have to pay someone to finish varnishing the areas that were simply skipped over in their rush to finish it. For a violin in this price range, it seems like they should really pay more attention to detail with the finishing.

    My tutor, who has been playing professionally for many years also noticed that the fingerboard is a bit shorter and wider than the traditional shape although I have to say that I can't tell the difference.

    The sound is really what makes the biggest difference here. I got started with Cello before moving over to violin and I really wanted an instrument that would give me that deep, dark, mournful bellow on the G String. This instrument really delivers there, in fact that was my main criteria in choosing this particular model. I'm currently playing with Zyex strings, but I'm planning to switch over to Obligatos to try and maximize this.

    In comparison to my more expensive violin, sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference. My other one is brighter and more resonant but costs more than twice what this one did. It is certainly not twice the violin. The Gerard can hold its own with a more expensive violin when setup and played properly. I'm mostly using my other one for pieces that require good tone throughout the spectrum and I'm going to use my Gerard for the darker pieces I really love.

    Overall, it is not a perfect outfit but I suspect I'll be happy playing it for many, many years to come.

    I'm an adult student with about a year of daily practice and a private tutor. I think this is a good step option and Kennedy has been helpful when I called them up for advice. Next step is to upgrade to a nicer bow...

  10. Great first instrument 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jan 2012

    My Anton Gerard is almost 2 uyears old..made 4/4/10 and it has gotten better and better in sound and performance.....I started out wiht a NX Coda Bow and have been VERY pleased with the sound and the response of both the bow and the violin....I use Zyex strings on my Anto G. and it Very rarely needs to be holds forever....envn in the winter!!
    This is a beautiful violin that is equal to a Snow $1400+ violin......
    You can't go wrong with it.....
    Dave K
    London Ohio

Warranty Information

Kennedy Violins Inc. warrants its instruments to be free of defect in material and construction for the lifetime of the product. Cases are warranted to be free of defect in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Please see our Warranty page for limitations and restrictions to this warranty. Kennedy Violins Inc. will, at its option, repair or replace any item found to have been defective in materials or manufacture under the terms stated here. Kennedy Violins Inc. shall be the sole arbiter of eligibility for warranty repair or replacement. Kennedy Violins Inc. liability is limited to repair or replacement of defective items.