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David Yale Stringed Instruments

Violins, Violas & Cellos

Kennedy Violins' David Yale stringed instruments represent the finest hand-craftsmanship. Made with only the most premium tone woods, these masterpieces are intricately carved to accentuate even the most nuanced performance. When we searched for a violin suitable for conservatory students and orchestra professionals, we immediately recognized the David Yale as the "player's instrument." Now is the time to sound your best. We invite you to experience the sophistication, beauty, and sound in your own hands. Try one today!

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  • David Yale American Luthier Series Violin Outfit
    We are proud to introduce our fine collection of David Yale Violins from the exclusive American Luthier Series. These one-of-a-kind violins represent the finest hand-craftsmanship we offer by nationally renowned American... $3,279.00 $2,449.00

  • David Yale Signature Series Violin Outfit
    We are proud to introduce our fine Signature Series Violins from the David Yale collection. These one-of-a-kind violins showcase exceptional resonance and complexity of tonal color. The unique voice of each Signature Series... $4,179.00 $3,199.00