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Educational Resources

At Kennedy violins, we want to provide you with not just a quality instrument, but with the information and resources to help you succeed as an enlightened musician. We know that in order to help you become a great musician, investing in your musical education is critical to your growth as a player--even more important than simply finding the right instrument. Once you have the physical tools to start your musical journey, the next step is gaining the knowledge you need to reach the highest level of performance and discipline.

Our mission at Kennedy Violins is to create meaningful connections within the orchestral community at large through shared learning. Through educational outreach, we offer invaluable resources and instruction to string players around the world. Here you can find a library of articles, how-to videos, and expert guidance for beginning and professional musicians alike.

We invite you to increase your musical knowledge with valuable information such as

  • Professional practice techniques
  • What to look for when purchasing instruments and bows
  • Getting involved in your local music community
  • How to take care of your instrument
  • Music history and biographies
  • Current events for musicians
  • Beginner basics
  • Finding a private teacher
  • And much, much more!