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At Kennedy Violins (click here for directions), learning to play a stringed instrument is an exciting adventure for players of all ages! When taking lessons with our professional teachers, prepare to be inspired. It's time to take your performance to a whole new level.

Whether you are picking up a stringed instrument for the first time or are an advanced player preparing for auditions and competitions, our staff of experienced teachers can provide the guidance you need to become the best performer you can be!


Free First Lesson!

Enjoy a free lesson with one of our premier teachers to see what we’re about. This first lesson includes a complimentary evaluation to assess your current playing level and a customized personal lesson plan just for you—all with no obligation! Click HERE to view teacher availability. Or call us at 360-513-9672

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Whatever your interests,
we've got you covered!

  • -Classical-
  • -Fiddling-
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  • -Music Theory-
  • -Performance Technique-
  • -Sightreading-
  • -Suzuki Method-

Lessons for All Ages & Levels

  • Beginner– Learn to read music, hold the instrument and bow, and play basic melodies.
  • Intermediate– Graduate from beginner books to solo pieces and orchestral music. Learn more advanced techniques such as vibrato, spicatto bowing, and more complex music theory.
  • Advanced– Prepare for professional auditions, recitals, and performances. Learn advanced solo literature.