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Local Rentals

Kennedy Violins has a wide range of violins, violas, cellos and basses available for rental this back-to-school season. These instruments are available at our shop, at back to school rental events, or can be shipped anywhere in the US.

In an effort to better serve the teachers of Portland, OR and SW Washington, we are offering the option of scheduling a batch delivery of student rentals. Once a teacher schedules a delivery date, their students can put the name of the teacher/school in the "Your School" field of the on-line delivery form and have their rental added to the batch delivery.

TEACHERS: please contact us at support@kennedyviolins.com to schedule your delivery

STUDENTS/PARENTS: If your school has a delivery set up, make sure to include your school's name in your on-line rental order to have your instrument delivered to your school.

See our full range of available instruments on our Rental Page.