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100% Satisfied Customer Testimonials

As a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, as well as being a violin teacher myself it was very important to me to find a really good quality 3/4 size violin for my son. I have to listen to lots of squeaky choked sounding smaller violins and it drives me nuts! I read the reviews about these Kennedy violins and I was very curious. Their guarantee makes it risk free to try it out, and their 100% trade-in plan can't be beat. 
- Bonnie

My loved 3-year old girl needed a violin to start playing, so as an amateur-musician I started researching brands, and details of the instrument. Kennedy Violins always offered me kindness and information, even though I wasn't sure to buy one of their violins. After my research I realize there was a very good chance to get a very good instrument from Kennedy Violins at that price range. I was right.  The best violin of my daughter's group is a Ricard Bunnel. It has a fair sound and a great finish. Is quite easy and precise to tune up, which is something rare in this size of violins. These instruments are finished by the hand of a luthier, which makes a world of difference.  I guess I will need to buy all the way up from the 1/32 in Kennedy Violins as my little one continues growing!   Thanks! M.

Hello, I'm a high school student who recently purchased a violin from Kennedy Violins. I ordered it on a tuesday and it arrived on a friday! I'd just like to thank you for the amazing shipping convenience and the quick delivery! When I opened up the case I almost wanted to cry the violin was so beautiful. And I was even more excited when I heard the SOUND it produced! I must say, I have heard a lot of violins in my time of being in orchestra, and this one has blown me away. Once again, great service and quality craftsmanship! I'm completely satisfied with this instrument! Thank you!

..In any event, thank you so much for your prompt responses to all of my emails. Your customer service has truly surpassed that of any I have ever dealt with."

To whom it may concern, Last September 2007, I purchased a Ricard Bunnel violin size for my boy. We are very satisfied with the workmanship and quality. We received the violin promptly upon ordering. Five months later, my boy broke his bow and I called your company for a replacement. The cost was very very reasonable compared to what the dealer in my area was charging me for the bow replacement. We also received the item in time for his next class lesson. Today my son came home and he broke the bridge to his violin. I then again called your company and had the piece ordered and delivered. I just want to say what a wonderful customer service you have and I know I made the right decision to buy the violin from you. I will highly recommend you to my friends and families. Thank you for such a wonderful service.
-Clare A. Mission Viejo, California

I am writing because you helped me in the purchase of a violin for my daughter in the beginning of Feb.I would like to thank you-I spoke with her music teacher who was very impressed with the quality of the instrument. The violins he buys cost more and he has to set his own bridge/bridges(?) on them.Thanks so much. We were very impressed by this violin both with craftsmanship and sound quality.cc Thanks again for your help.

Thank you for your wonderful service. We received our 1/2 size Kennedy Student Violin (just 1 day after ordering), and our daughter was so excited, she wanted to go show it to her violin teacher. Her teacher (who studied violin at a European Conservatory and is an extremely accomplished violinist) was amazed at the violin's quality of tone and beautiful resonance. Great workmanship and such a reasonable price! Thanks so much.
-Bill and Pam

I just received my order and thank you, thank you. The violin is so beautiful, it's actually for my twin sister as a birthday present. She has always wanted to play when we were young but we did not have the money..
Sincerely Ms. M.

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciated your customer service and quick response to what I felt was like an emergency situation. My daughter was ecstatic on christmas morning at the sight of her new violin. We are very pleased with the violin we received and the explanation and information that you gave us over the phone.
-Thanks again, sincerely, Melissa.

Thank you for all your invaluable service through our process of purchasing our son's violin. We did receive the violin on Feb. 14th, and it became the prime focus for the day. It was a wonderful Valentine's surprise for our son. Today, Saturday the 18th our son took the instrument to his private instructor. Our son's instructor was very pleased with the violin. He said it had very good tonal qualities and was "very sweet sounding". He appreciated that it was set up very good, and after tuning played it beautifully. We are very happy with the violin that you chose for us, and we will gladly call you for future needs.
- Thank you again, Mr. and Mrs. S.

Thank you so much for the violin! It is absolutely beautiful and very sweet tuned. You have wonderful service. I was so exited to get it in the mail! I've always wanted to play violin but we could never afford it. Now I can, and it didn't cost very much, either! Thanks so much for giving me this chance!
-Betsy W. Verona, Kentucky. 14 years old.

The Carpini Violin was excellent and the strings made a wonderful enrichment to the sound. My son was just tickled at it and the purchase price, quality and excellent service made the experience one of remembrance and continued praise for you by word of mouth. Almost makes me want one for myself and begin to learn. I will continue to place my instrument needs with Kennedy Violins, and have already recommended you to friends. In summation, Thank You for your part in my sons musical nurturing.
- Grace to you, Eric

I am just in total shock. The Ricard Bunnel violin outfit just arrived today ( March 29 ), it was expected April 4. Also, I just played the instrument and am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the sound. My old violin, the one I learned to play 60 years ago, isin for repairs (estimated at $1000), and will not be finished for many months. I thought I would get a violin from you to fool around with until my baby was repaired. Guess what, I am going to cancel the repairs. Your instrument will do just fine for this old man.
Thanks for your excellent service and this quality violin.
-Respectfully, Bob D.

I just received the violin we purchased for our daughter, and I just want to tell you thank you for the prompt shipment. Gee that was fast! And the violin is beautiful! This is our 3rd one to buy, and it is by far the best! We will definitely use you for further purchases-you guys are awesome! Thanks, Erika A. Ogden, UT

I wanted to say Thank you for your help in choosing a beginner violin for my daughter. There are few companies with such good personalized customer service. The replies to my questions were prompt, helpful and chatty. Then the violin arrived in such quick time that the whole process seems to have been excessively easy and good value. You are doing a great job!

I just received my daughter's 1/2-size beginner's violin. It is beautiful and, just as you promised, was set up and ready to play. Before purchasing I spoke with two different Kennedy reps, both of whom were knowledgeable, patient, and friendly in helpinga novice like medecide to buy online, sight unseen.Exceptionalservice, indeed. Even when a rep was unavailable to pick-up thephone, my call was returned promptly. Suchcustomer service is a rarity and a welcome surprise. If my daughter decides to stick with playing, I willcome back to Kennedy for her future instrument needs. Thanks!
-John O. Media, PA

The two violins arrived yesterday. They're in top shape and surprisingly resonant for their respective sizes. As a former Suzuki instructor, I'm impressed at the quality/price of such small beginner packages. I dreaded some of the rental outfits I was forced to introduce a child to years back. Now, my only two--and dearest--students are going to experience tone quality and do their tonalization exercises at levels comparable to what I do on a full-sized instrument. Thanks for your exceptional service.
- Best, Michael

Hi Jon, I received the violin in Grand Cayman on Thursday last week (11/02/06) after ordering it only the Saturday b4. Thank you. I want to formally thank you for the excellent customer service that you have provided me. I was totally impressed and satisfied. You were prompt, clear, friendly, patient, accommodating.the list of positives go on!!I would like you to share this email with the Head of your company and the customer service unit. Your company will definitely come in for high recommendation in the future. You deserve a salary raise for your existence in that company! Thanks again and have a great day!!
-Regards Ravi

Thank you for the notice. I must congratulate you on a business well run. Mr. Walters took my order and it was a pleasure to deal with him. Even though he insisted in telling me that this is a team effort run business, I insisted that he gave me his name. I'm a New Yorker and you know how we are. We want quick and efficient service. Mr. Walters was kind, patient, professional, efficient and smart. He is also knowledgeable of foreign names (millions in the US). I didn't have to repeat any of the information which made my phone transaction smooth and easy. I would recommend your company just based in my order experience and I haven't even seen the product.
I just thought somebody in your company should know that you speak highly of your company by giving good customer service.
Looking forward to receiving my violin. MC

It was a Christmas to remember! My daughters will always remember opening their first violins on Christmas morning with such excitement. The toys were suddenly set aside as they gazed at these lovely instruments.
Later on, I tuned them up and played them a bit (as best as I could- they are so small!) and was pleased with the sound quality (especially the half-size for my older daughter). The finish is impressive indeed for a student instrument. The KUN rests are so cute as well. With a little breathing time now over the holiday break, we will soon be starting to explore the wonderful world of the violin. I want to thank you for chatting with me on the phone and giving me your input. It is always nice to talk with a fellow string player. I know we'll be doing more business. Your prices on strings are quite good even with the US exchange. Thanks again and all the best for the new year.
- Sincerely, Penny H.

Just a quick note to let you all know that the violin I ordered on Wednesday, arrivedat my home in Nova Scotia today, Friday, only two days later!! I do not believe that I have ever had anything delivered so quickly. Love the violin; everything was in great condition, and the violin looked even better than it did on the web site. I want to thank Jon for his quick responses to my emails as I researched the violin that Ipurchased, to Jeff for answering all my questions on the phone, and to Marissa for taking my order, doing a few extras, and fast tracking it to Nova Scotia. Your customer service is incredible; I will definitely recommend this site to my fiddle instructor; can't wait until she sees it. Thank you once again.
- Allan T.

Just received my order today and had to write a note telling you how pleased I am with this little (1/16)violin! I have played for several years and wanted to get a littleone for my 3 yr old son (he always tries to play mine).Ordering online, I was afraid it would be more like a toy but I am pleased and excited that it looks and sounds wonderful! The finish is especially beautiful. I am glad there are internet shops like yours that we can trust and at a price we can't believe! We'll be playing duets in no time! :)

I ordered a student violin for my daughter last Friday and it arrived just four days later. I surprised my daughter with it when I picked her from school, she took the instrument into her orchestra instructor to make sure it was in tune from being shipped. Her instructor was very impressed with the quality and tone. When we got home, Brittany could not wait to pull her bow across the strings, and wow it did sound so beautiful. She loves the instrument so much that she practiced for several hours, and can't wait to play it during orchestra class today. This is Brittany's third year as a violin student, and since she has really put so much effort forward, we decided she needed her own violin instead of a school instrument. She told me that she wanted to be able to play during the summer, that she wanted to keep in practice. She also wants to take the violin on vacation and play for family in other states.
Thank you so much for providing a way for parents to give their children quality violins at a wonderful price, I don't think I would have been able to do this for her had it not been for your web site.
- Thank you again .Theresa D.

I recently purchased a Louis Carpini G1 violin outfit. It was the second violin I have purchased from Kennedy Violins, the first was a 1/2 size Bunnel for my granddaughter. I was so pleased with the quality of my granddaughter's violin that I decided to buy one for myself. By the way, I am 63 years old and just beginning to learn to play, and loving it. Anyway, my G1 arrived right on schedule and is a very beautiful instrument with a wonderful tone. My wife is an accomplished violinist and she was very impressed. In fact she was just practicing a duet with a young man who owns a $5000 violin and there was no discernable difference in the tones of the two violins. Thank you for offering such superb instruments at such reasonable prices.
- Spencer W.

Thanks again, Jon!!! I am thrilled to bits!!!
- Carolyn

This is for John in sales. I received the violin today in great shape and ahead of time carried it to my granddaughter she was delighted with it, couldn't believe the sound compare to the student one she was renting, first thing she said it was loud. Thanks for your help and a great products.

Incidentally, Dylin finished the Suzuki Book 1 and performed a very beautiful 45 minute recital on the wonderful violin we purchased from you. Not only did it sound great but it is very beautiful as well. Thank you for being part of what for us will be lifelong memories.

Thank you for getting that viola sent out so quickly on Tuesday. Our daughter had to have it by Thursday morning, and it came Wednesday afternoon, no problems. Her orchestra instructor told her that she was pleased to see that one of the viola players showed up with a really nice instrument. Little sister will be needing a cello next year--Ill be calling you nice folks again.
- Take care. Brian & Nancy

To the people at Kennedy Violins, We wanted to thank you soooooo much for the violin we received yesterday. It is a work of art and my son is so excited to finally have it in his hands. Everything was exactly as you promised us that it would be and we really couldn't be more satisfied with our purchase. Robert, who is 8, brought it to school today to show his teacher and his classmates and they were all very impressed. Now to find him a teacher will be our next step.
- Sincere thanks, Garth & Carla C. (and Robert too!)

Thank you very much, this is the best customer service I have received from any company. I really appreciate it.
- Thank you, Patti A.

When I received my Franklin Zgonc Viola I was all smiles. My wife, Mary, said that I actually smiled and showed teeth. It has been 18 years since I played and found that when I pulled the bow across the strings a part of me came back. It was like rediscovering an old friend. The sound is full and rich and the feel is just right.Thank you so much for the quality and beauty of your instruments.I would recommend your company to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a newinstrument.
-Sincerely, Dave R.

Dear sir/ma'am:
We are absolutely delighted with your excellent customer service. Our new bow arrived the day after we confirmed our address! 

Furthermore, we have been very happy with both violins we purchased from you. Our violin teacher guessed we paid 3x what we did, and said she would have paid up to 6x its cost for its sound and quality! 

It goes without saying we most highly recommend your store and will continue to buy our violins from you.
-Best regards, Pia L.

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful informative customer service. I now have purchased 2 of your violins and have one tuned down and one tuned up. I have had so many compliments on the Nicholas Gand and the Frank Henner. I play French Cajun music as well as old time fiddler songs and love playing in jam sessions in Louisiana with some of the famous fiddlers as well. I have a teacher who is a Grammy Award winner and he wanted to know where I had purchased my Nicholas Gand violin. He told me it has a warm beautiful sound and I could not have bought a better violin.

I just wanted to say thank you!!! I ordered my violin on a Saturday and received it the following Thursday AND that was on a holiday weekend!! It is fantastic...high quality violin at low price! It stays in tune very well..minor adjustments only..beautiful tone and arrived ready to play..just what a beginner needs!! Also your customer service is incredible...when I called it was like I was talking to a friend. I am sceptical of testimonials sometimes but PLEASE if anyone gets to read this you will not find better..believe me..I researched a ton of websites!

First let me say THANKS A MILLION! My 11 year old now wants to practice! first time in 3 years. I bought a Ricard Bunnel violin that sounds so good, my boy likes to play now. He also is very proud of his case which is fantastic. His instructor has thanked me several times now for the past 3 Thursdays at our lessons. I did not tell him the price until he got to hear it for 3 weeks. Last Thursday I asked for his final approval and he said it sounded greatbut he hoped I did not spend a fortune on it. I told him is was $260 and he said I did very well. Theodore, my 11 year old loves it and is so proud of it, that he is now practicing 5 days a week which is a first for him. My 6 year old daughter loves her new Bunnel and is proud of her new case because it has the Kennedy name embroidered on it. Her violin is 1/4 and was only $130 but sounds 400% better than her previous 1/8 instrument. The Ricard Bunnel 1 and 2 are simply great sounding instruments and the difference between my son's full size and his former full size (now my instrument) is night and day. We can tell the difference with only one note. He played a song on the Ricard Bunnel and then I asked him to play the same song the exact same way on his old violin, He got through one dotted quarter note and handed it back! He could tell right away that he is now the proud new owner of a great sounding violin!
-Thanks, Larry L. extremely satisfied customer in Chicago!

Hello Kennedy Violins!
The Franke Henner violin arrived today safe and sound! It's beautiful( photo's don't do it justice) and has the warm sound I have been searching for. Thank you for the care in setting it up and packing it for the journey. Only had to tune the A and E strings, and not much out of tune at that. Sound post and bridge look great! Love the case and the bow! All around a great purchase. Thank you so much. Gotta get back to doing some playing!
-Sincerely, Angela T.

Hello Mr. Walters,
Yesterday I received a Kennedy Violins package from FedEx. I just wanted to let you know, (as you may remember that I emailed wondering about the shipping dates) that I did receive the violin on time and it is in great condition. I was so excited when it came, that gave it straight away to my Dad for his birthday. He was very happy and impressed with the violin. I don't usually order items of such high importance online, but I guess there must have been something very friendly about your website that made me order. I would like to thank you for your help and the makers for the violin.
-Sincerely, Frensi T.

To whom it may concern,
I just received the G2 violin that I ordered from you. I am thrilled with it. It is a far better violin than I expected, The sound is wonderful. I am glad that I placed the order from you all.
I highly recommend your service and product. May GOD richly bless your, and your company.
- Your Truly, Vonnie

i just wanted to send you my thank you. my daughter was very pleased with her violin. this is her third one and she loves its. were also very happy with the shipping time, ordered it on a weekend and it did;t come out till monday but received on tues. prices are also reasonable for the quality that we paid for. overall it was a great experience purchasing a violin thru you guys. will definitely come back in the future. thank you....

Kennedy Violins, I purchased a violin from you fairly recently. This was the Bunnel G2 model for my daughter who is just learning violin. I received much help from Joel over the phone. In no way was he trying to sell me more or a better model, in fact he mentioned a few times that I may want to consider buying a cheaper violin for our purposes. But I bought the Bunnel G2 anyway and if my daughter plays it for more than a year it will pay for itself vs.. rentals and it will be good enough for a few more years if she is interested. The violin itself is beautiful, all the accessories and case are very nice, and I believe that I received a very good product from Kennedy Violins for the money, most of all my daughter feels the same way. Thanks Kennedy Violins and Joel, we may call in a few years for an upgrade.
-Sincerely - Dave C.

Dear Mr. Walters, Upon your advice I purchased an update to Max's original violin with the prelude strings. It was delivered yesterday. Since it was delivered directly to my grandson in Massachusetts, I haven't seen it. However, my son told me it is absolutely beautiful.....thank you, thank you!
He said our grandson is so happy. My grandson was with his mother this weekend (when the violin was delivered) and my son said he (my son) just 'plucked' the strings and the sound is wonderful.
Thank you for your help and advice and for making such beautiful instruments! Although I doubt it's necessary, if you ever need a testimonial please feel free to use our name or any part of this email.
- With sincere gratitude, Angelina C.

Hello there. I just wanted you to know I received my violin today and I am VERY happy with it. It has a nice, rich sound and so far I am enjoying playing it, Thank you!
- Maddie

Jon, I talked with you Monday morning, and also received your email reply. Thank you for installing the extra fine tuners on our daughter's "Antonio Guiliani." I really appreciate the customer service Kennedy Violins offers. I was treated very well when Sales helped me select the right violin, and again when I spoke with you about the extra tuning knobs.
Have a wonderful Christmas!!
Douglas J. Erie, PA

Hi, I'm writing just to say thank you! I bought a violin for my daughter for her 6th birthday and I have to say I'm amazed by the quality of the instrument. I've already recommended your company to my student's. Thanks again for everything!
-Jen E.

I received my violin before Christmas and both I and my daughter were SO HAPPY! Thank you SO much to the person I talked to!!!! who took the order and expedited it right out. Happy new year.
- Sincerely Kris

Dear Jon, Just to let you know that the violin arrived safely today. It is fabulous! It has also been a wonderful experience being able to trust a fellow human being in a far away place in these very unstable times in the world. Once again thank you very much for all your trouble.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
- Regards Jackie E.

Dear Jon, I just wanted to say thank you to your company for the great service and quick delivery of my daughter's new violin. We ordered on Sunday night and it arrived Tuesday morning. The violin is beautiful and she was very excited to receive it. It was just as promised and we are very happy. I will certainly recommend Kennedy Violins to everyone!
- Thanks again, Lisa M.

Just writing to let you know that we received our Ricard Bunnel 1/8th violin as promised. Our sons teacher was very impressed with the quality of the sound from a violin of this size. We will most definitely continue to purchase the next size up violins from you. Thank you for offering such a great product at a reasonable price....
- Walter L.

Thank you. We received the viola yesterday and its beautiful!
- Nancy, Spotsylvania, VA

Thank you for your prompt shipping! The instruments arrived last Friday and the children are very excited about their new violins! We are passing your website on to all our friends and family. Thank you!
- Mrs. Gale H.

I just want to say that my 4/4 clearance violin outfit mod.# 20, helicore strings arrived and i am very happy with it! It is so beautiful and everything.

Last year, I ordered a violin from you and have never been happier. It is truly wonderful. My fiance is now thinking about a cello for himself...

Jon, Truly appreciate the awesome cello this was the best experience. We received a quality well tuned cello with an easy and good customer experience !!! I do not know anything about instruments but my daughter loves to play Cello so I was at a loss on where to shop and how to purchase an instrument. When we received the shipment I took the box over to my local Violins etc to have them look over the purchase. Steven who plays cello professionally said to let you know that you all offer a great cello for beginning students!!! Thanks again for the wonderful cello.
- Olga

We just received the Louis Carpini Viola outfit yesterday, and we can't be more pleased with it. It's for my son who plays in his school orchestra (he's 14) and he loves it. For the price, the quality is excellent.Thank you so much.
- Melanie H. Silver Spring, MD

Good day everyone, I am Anthony O. from NJ. I have ordered and received my son's violin. Just wanted to let you know that, the way you handled the whole process was just BEYOND PERFECT. I AM SO HAPPY WITH YOUR ATTENTION, SERVICE AND VIOLIN QUALITY. I will recommend you to everyone.... In short, I am so happy that I gave you my business, it was a perfect success and satisfaction from beginning to the end. God bless, keep up this great quality of service.
- Regards Dr. Anthony O.

Just a quick note to acknowledge thespeedyreceipt of the violin (to Canada)in excellent condition. Couldn't be happier with the product and service and especially the price...will definitely be making my next purchases with you guys for a 1/2 size kit and some accessories.
Thanks again..and have a happy New Year!
- M. T. Ottawa, ON Canada

I recently bought a Violin for my younger sister for Christmas, and the instrument is beautiful, as well as the outer case and bow. I had some problems with shipping, but was contacted quickly by Kennedy Violins, and the issue was resolved immediately. The people I was fortunate enough to talk to were kind and caring, and I wanted to thank Kennedy Violins for their professionalism. I would most certainly buy another violin from your business.
- Greta T.

I got the violin and it looks really good. My wife and kid love it. Thanks for a good service. I am looking forward to seeing you again within a year for a half size.
- Richard D.

Again, Thank You for your GREAT service!
- Sincerely, Roger B.

San Diego Arrival Time: 12:23 PST. As Promised! PS. YES! You may use this testimony on your website for future business! DEFINITELY SATISFIED!!!KUDOS AND MORE KUDOS TO ALL INVOLVED TO MAKE THIS A GREAT SUCCESS."
My son will be excited as well, when he comes home from school. Today is also his school's "open house." We can actually bring the trumpet to school and show his music teacher. Great timing on your part Kennedy Violins. I also must say this was actually my first major purchase online and YOU guys came through with flying colors.Your site is a trusted website thanks to yahoo yellow pages.I look forward to doing more business with you. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.

Thank you for yourtime and great service. Have to admit, I was skeptical in ordering online. Wife was saying, "you never know what to expect," and "product might be damaged," and "what if product never arrives and company is bogus." Well, I am proud to say, YOU-Kennedy Violins have proved her wrong. Won't she be surprised when she comes home from work.

I just got my violin in the mail. It came in perfect condition. It's my first violin and I really like the sound of it. Thanks. Received the violin [Ricard Bunnel], very, very, pleased with quality and sound.
Thank you. +
- Winnie

Just a side note: when I ordered the violin for my son, I didn't have high expectations. I only wanted to let him continue his interest with something more size-appropriate (and keep him away from mine).
I was pleasantly surprised at the tone and action on the instrument he received...very good value for the money. If he keeps up with his interest, I'll definitely be coming back for his next instrument.
Thanks, again.
- Best regards, Jim B.

My purchase arrived ahead of schedule, and all appears to be in working order. your attentiveness to my order is most appreciated, and I anticipate becoming a repeat customer. Best of luck and happy holidays,
- Gary

Thank you so much for the speedy attention. My daughter Caitlyn will never forget this Christmas with her very first violin under the tree when she wakes up!
- God bless--RD

I received my new violin a few days ago and I have to tell you how pleased I am.It arrived in a timely fashion in a well protected box. I was very happy with the look and finish of my instrument,my instructor was also. Thank you for a quality violin for a great price.Now I can realize my dream of playing the violin.
- Thanks again, Scott B. Malvern, Pa

My son is the proud owner of a beautiful new 3/4 Arcadia purchased from you recently. We really love the look and feel of the instrument. Certainly there is nothing else quite like it in his elementary school orchestra.
PS-I would like to take a second and thank you again for your kindness and interest to take a few minutes to talk to me about violins and the like when I called you a few weeks ago. It is very exciting for me after having been away from music (voice and piano) for over ten years to be starting a new instrument and bringing music back in to my life. I can tell you the last two months have been very uplifting while I have caught up on theory, notation, and specifically my introduction to the violin and string method.
Thank you again.
- Joshua D.

The service and information was wonderful. Also, thanks for the response to my questions/comments about your web site -- your response shows 1) how little I really know about the complexities of computers/programming, and 2) how committed you are to your work and customers it is refreshing indeed. good luck and continued success
- John R.

I have previously ordered some strings via a friend here in Tasmania. Very impressed with service and prices. Compared with what we have to pay at our local music shop there is NO comparison.
Cheers and thanks,
- John B.

Dear Sirs: I recently purchased and received from you your Arcadia Violin Kit. First let me say that my husband and I are very pleased with the violin. My husband has always wanted a violin. After weeks of searching on the internet, I made my selection from your store for his 59th birthday present.

Thank you so much. You have great customer service. I thank you for taking my word. I know people take advantage of companies and I want you to know that is not the case. I appreciate you taking care of this matter.
Thanks again,
- Carol

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I am impressed with your website and feel like you are "someone" I can trust.....though we have never met.
With heart-felt thanks,
- Sheryl R. writing for my son, Seth

We received the eighth size violin today and are totally delighted. It is well-made, correctly set up, just ready to be tuned. Fantastic. Also prompt delivery.
- Marthinus (The Musical Workshop).

Thanks Joel. I was amazed to even get a response from you on a Sunday. I appreciate the quick response. Nice doing business with you!

Joel, the strings were received as specified..thanks very much for your service.
- Neil H. & Cathie R.

Received my violin today which is thursday @ about 1:00 pm. everything is fine it arrived in good shape.
I just wanted to say thanks,
- Brian S.

...As soon as he gets the rosin I will keep you abreast of his progress. By the way...he is enamored with your product. Let the playing begin. Do you provide earplugs for spouses? Thanks for making a birthday wish come true. It is hard finding a perfect gift for a man.
- Joan H.

Hello, Thank you very much. Appreciate your quick response to my query. Sridhar N. First of all, I did receive this afternoon the 4/4 violin and I have to be honest, I was very happy with the way it looked...
Thank you,
- Nora S.

I ordered a violin for my granddaughter and the quality was excellent! Thanks so much! She will be 4 next week and if all goes well we will be a returning customer. Thanks again,

-Robyn K